Rowesdale, Tauranga

Excavation of the Rowesdale subdivision, in the Waimapu valley, Ohauiti, Tauranga, began in 2005, with a second season in 2006. Matthew Campbell began the project before CFG formed. In the 2005 season 3 sites were excavated, which included middens, several house sites, and numerous storage pits. Site U14/3218 included 2 houses, 68 pits and a palisade along two sides of the site. During the 2006 season more of the site was revealing further pits one of which measured 8 x 5 m and had 130 further features (postholes, sumps, small bin pits, etc.) cut into its floor. As the subdivision progresses the rest of the site will be excavated, and at least one further site.

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