Bay of Plenty Reports

CFG Heritage HPA Section 14 investigation reports are available for download in PDF format here.


Bay of Plenty

Oropi Downs

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2006/3– Sites U14/3056, U14/3216 and U14/1941. Archaeological investigation of sites U14/3056, U14/3216 and U14/1941, Oropi Downs, Tauranga: final report Matthew Campbell and Beatrice Hudson, 7 February 2008.


2006/7 – Site U14/3081. Archaeological Investigation of Site U14/3081, Poplar Lane (Papamoa) Quarry, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. Warren Gumbley and Andrew Hoffman, 13 July 2007.



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2007/1 – Site U14/3218. Archaeological investigations of site U14/3218, Rowesdale, Tauranga; Season II: final report. Matthew Campbell and Jaden Harris, 6 March 2007.


Papamoa Junction

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2007/22 – Site U14/2866. Archaeological investigation of part of U14/2866, April 2006. Warren Gumbley, 27 July 2006.

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